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Diversity: vetted content allows teachers to connect with students of all backg [clear filter]
Thursday, March 3

11:00am EST

Friday, March 4

10:30am EST


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  • Administrators
  • and teachers
  • Chromebooks
  • curriculum directors
  • District Administrators
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  • principals
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  • Diversity
  • -Language translation is vital to keep communication seamless among teachers
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • accessibility is an imperative. We have a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities by deeply
  • Accommodating all learning styles with presentation and materials
  • administrators and communities to participate in modern education experiences.
  • african american students and students with disabilities are disproportionately suspended
  • all students
  • and inclusion by discussing cybersecurity tactics that are device-agnostic. Since this session focuses on cybersecurity that protects the individual Google and/or Microsoft school accounts
  • and inclusion by ensuring that all districts across No
  • and inclusion by showcasing how our school and administration makes sure all staff are on the same page.
  • and inclusion in the school environment.
  • and inclusion through the presentation by offering several different modes for attendees to voice their answers and questions. The products both promote diversity
  • and inclusion. Id
  • and inclusive environment. We support our intentions with real-world practices including initiatives such as: Communities of Practice: Regular sessions in which any employee can g
  • and inspiring students
  • At GoGuardian
  • At Renaissance our mission is
  • avoid assumptions about what participants may know about digital equity and digital literacy
  • behavioral challenges
  • big or small. Many districts don’t have enough resources to mitigate the threat. Our session supports diversity
  • BrainPOP’s flexibility and adaptability allow for its effectiveness in a range of different educational settings
  • but students with ADHD
  • By allowing all attending to ask questions and be involved
  • Cybersecurity attacks are an imminent threat to all districts— rural and urban
  • Discovery Education resources and tools were built with equity at the forefront. Tools like Studio include Immersive Reader and ADA compliant to meet the needs of students. High quality
  • District Administrators
  • During this session we will cover EVERFI's resources
  • dyslexia
  • EC
  • Edpuzzle's platform helps teachers easily differentiate for all students ensuring an equitable classroom. These differentiation tools promote inclusion of all students in a learning environment. Our database hosts over 5 million videos from all around the
  • ensuring that all student populations are being served.
  • ensuring that all students
  • equitable
  • Equitable practices are paramount to providing students with a fair education and the support they need. Gaggle reviews anonymous content
  • equity
  • equity and inclusion by its very nature. Technology addiction does not discriminate. The solutions and the presentation itself will applicable to all. The session will be free from unintended/intended and visible/invisible
  • equity and inclusion by its very nature. This session is intended to highlight the value of human capital and individualism. The solutions and the presentation itself will applicable to all. The session will be free from u
  • equity and inclusion in several ways such as: 1. Multiple methods of expression will be shared in the examples which allows students who do not fully understand or connect with the meme
  • faculty
  • from whole-class instruction to individualized learning and diverse learners including ELs
  • gifted learners and more.
  • I will support diversity
  • including several addressing Diversity and Inclusion topics. At EVERFI
  • It is well documented that boys
  • K-2
  • Mastery Connect provides powerful reports and easy ways for educators to disaggregate information
  • My Sessions are Designed using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Tips for Designing Learning Experiences: - Start with a clear goal. - Encourage flexible means to achieve the goal. - Ensure all learners can access the materials and environment. - Make l
  • Nearpod enables every participant and student to have a voice during professional development and lesson delivery. Session attendees will be encouraged to participate in the Nearpod lesson and respond to formative assessment questions that support typed
  • or struggling readers
  • Our presentation will be ADA compliant. We will ensure that all populations are represented in the strategies and that trauma-informed instruction is part of the conversations.
  • Our session supports diversity
  • Our session will focus on blended or fully remote classroom management where every student can participate in the class session no matter where they are located or which device they're signing in from.
  • Our skill plans are designed to meet the individualized needs of each and every student.
  • Participants will have some choice in which lesson strategies they explore. They will hear about all of them by sharing out their experiences. Ideas will be presented for integrating science articles that capitalize on diversity
  • protecting
  • referred and expelled. In this session
  • School Administrators
  • schools can provide activities for students that may otherwise be disinterested or disengaged. Esports can provide a way for students to get involved in school doing something they love and maintain their interest in school. For K-12 scho
  • Session models how to engage all learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • so we have no context or background on students when we first identify potential issues
  • students and parents. This includes through general communication channels and within assignments. -Special needs students should feel supported and empowered when using technol
  • teachers
  • The concepts and resources shared in this session support diversity
  • The platform that we will be showcasing specifically allows for disaggregation of data so that all learners' needs can be addressed.
  • The proposed Poster session will provide the opportunity to engage intimately with participants with diverse needs. We will have the flexibility to answer questions of participants that may not be comfortable interacting in large settings.
  • The session will discuss all of the issues as they pertain to AI and its ethical use.
  • The Walking Classroom provides teachers with an innovative way to engage different learning styles. All students love the opportunity to get out of their seats and move around
  • There will be opportunities for all participants to speak on their experiences and share with others.
  • This session reaches out to leadership teams and teachers with diverse students populations. The training helps teachers and administrators locate strategies to personalize/differentiate learning to meet individual student needs.
  • This session supports diversity
  • Through esports
  • vetted content allows teachers to connect with students of all backg
  • we are working intentionally to create a diverse
  • We create better student experiences through technology by connecting
  • we’ll discuss the use of early-indicator positive behavioral data to identify at-risk stude
  • worldwide.” Inherent in a mission that strives to serve “all children and adults” is the need to recognize the impo
  • x
  • Yes
  • “To accelerate learning for all children and adults of all ability levels and ethnic and social backgrounds
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